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Click for Ann and Ian Web Site   Ann and Inn Marshall's Web site, they are relations of Sally, and have photos and details of Sally's adventures. You may notice that they are also Welsh - More info on them as I receive it.


   A great site, and as it says full of "free stuff".
Vehicle air conditioning specialist for all your needs in Staffordshire
   Find a train, and book it, reservations and all.
ROAD WATCH   Does what the name says, but for those that don't know, - traffic watch !!
   A great site for motorcyclists. Spares by phone, fax or e-mail.
   Motorcycle tyre information, you've got it.
   We all have our own favourite search engine, this is mine, and with web based e-mail, great whilst on the move.
   GaltTech, great for down-loads, themes, screen savers, wallpapers, you name it.



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