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Welcome to my home site and my home page, and I hope you will enjoy the pages, and visit again.

If you care to stay a while I will tell you a little about myself, and the site.

I am a mechanical engineer, and have been for more than 25 years. I was born in Lancashire, and now reside in Weston-super-Mare with my Bikes, Birds, oh, and my long suffering wife Jane. 

I have had an interest in computers since the mid '80's, when I started with a Commodore 64, for the children, moving through to the Amiga, and now established with the "WinTel" PC. I can manage the hardware upgrades, software installation, basic programming and now I am on the "Web" I am learning to write "pages". This is version 4, but due to me being a little remiss this last upgrade is more than a year or two over due.

My other interests include  Aviculture (keeping birds) to which I have dedicated a lot of this site to, and motorcycles, which if you follow the link will take you to my newly created motorcycle pages on the site. There will also be the obligatory Family Page, which will include the family pets. I will also have a page of links to some of My Favourite Sites.


so if you have any comments please e-mail me:-