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This is my page about my hobby. I have been keeping birds since 1991, and I hope to show you a few pictures of some of my birds. In time, it is hoped that this page will have links on it to various other bird keeping pages, but that is for the future.

Although I am still a bit of a novice keeping birds I try to show an interest and read extensively about the bird that I keep, and as such will be glad to share any knowledge that I have gained.

Before I moved I used to be a member of my local bird club, but since moving I have not found an active club locally. If you know of a CBS in the Huntingdon area of Cambridgeshire please let me know, as I feel that local clubs should be given as much support as possible.

As you will know currently to transport birds you require a certificate, please find three versions:

 XML version here ,  HTM  here and PDF (courtesy of Brian AKA Hooter) here I am sure this should keep everybody happy


For more details of the Pekin Robin For more details of the Rufous Bellied Niltava For more details of the Red Rump Parakeet For more details of the Lineolated Parakeet
The Pekin Robin Leiothrix lutea  The Rufous-Bellied Niltava Niltava sundara These are RedRumped Parakeets Psephotus haematonotus The Lineolated Parakeet Bolborhynchus lineola. 
The Indian Silverbill Lonchura malabarica  The Orange-Cheeked Waxbill Estrilda melpoda The Red-Eared Waxbill Estrilda troglodytes The St. Helena Waxbill Estrilda astrild
The Red-Cheeked Cordon-Bleu Waxbill Uraeginthus bengalus The Quail Finch Ortygospiza atricollis The Zosterops Zosterops palpebrosa The Green-Singing Finch Serinus mozambicus

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